Yowza Captiva Elliptical

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Yowza Captiva Review:

Looking for something completely different? The Yowza Captiva elliptical gives you 2 very popular features for a more effective workout:

#1 The CardioCore Arms

Instead of moving forward and back like other elliptical trainer, these move side to side (like a steering wheel) so that you target and work your core ab muscles.

yowza captiva elliptical console


#2 Adjustable Stride of up to 28 inches

You can choose your own stride from 18 to 28 inches with this variable motion trainer.

This lets you set the stride to suit your comfort. You can also choose different strides to work different groups of muscle and get more of a crosstraining challenge!

This video will show you how the Yowza Captiva elliptical works and what you get with the new upgraded model.

Note: This video is for the NEW Yowza Captiva with upgraded incline of 50% and wireless heart rate control.

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yowza elliptical trainer