Proform Hybrid Trainer Vs Hybrid Trainer Pro

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Trying to decide between the Proform Hybrid Trainer vs the Hybrid Trainer Pro? Both of these machines give you the advantage of getting a 2-in-1 exercise machine.

You can use them as a bike or as an elliptical, which makes them great for multiple user households where everyone wants to do their own thing.

The Hybrid Trainer was one of the first models to come out. However the Hybrid Pro is the upgraded version giving you lots of little entertainment extras like iFit LIVE – that will make your workouts much more productive and entertaining.

However it’s also a few hundred dollars more. So is it worth it?

proform hybrid trainer

Some of the main differences are that the Hybrid Trainer Pro also gives you a heavier flywheel and a larger stride length.

The heavier flywheel helps to anchor the trainer and give a smoother feeling elliptical ride. The longer stride length helps you to more full workout your leg muscles. This is also ideal for people over 5’6″ as they may feel a bit awkward with the 15 inch stride on the Hybrid Trainer model.

The video will above will help you compare the main differences between the Hybrid Trainer and the Hybrid Trainer Pro.

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